Joseba Eskubi – intervista di Emma Coccioli

Joseba Eskubi

Joseba Eskubi – INSOMNIA series, 2012, Mixed media, 17 x 20 cm

Joseba Eskubi – intervista di Emma Coccioli per Milano Arte Expo.

Joseba Eskubi (nato nel 1967) è un artista spagnolo di Bilbao ed è riconosciuto come uno dei migliori pittori spagnoli contemporanei. I suoi lavori sono stati esposti in Spagna, Portogallo, Italia, Germania, Danimarca e Stati Uniti. La sua è una pittura espressiva ed istintiva di corpi ed organi in decomposizione. Joseba Eskubi gioca specialmente sull’ ambiguità delle figure rappresentate, attingendo, similmente ai pittori surrealisti, all’ inconscio. Un segno pittorico deciso e una notevole sensibilità per il colore che esplora i contrasti tra luci ed ombre. Gli artisti cui si ispira, a sua detta, sono Francisco José de Goya, Philip Guston, Luis Candaudap, Cristine Guinamand, Damien Meade e molti altri.


L’intervista a Joseba Eskubi, in inglese, è stata rilasciata a Emma Coccioli il 15 Settembre 2014.

Which are the colors that you prefer to use ? Do you choose particular pigments ? Is there any artist that you admire for the use of color ? Thinking of decomposition and so of death, the black and whites would come to the mind first, but you use very vivid colors. How this choice ? David Lynch says that color belongs to reality while black and white to dreams. I like a very wide range of colors, but especially the red, the white and the black backgrounds. There are not special pigments, but I try to use the oil quite diluted, I love its fluidity. I really like the baroque painting of José de Ribera, the contrast between the warm flesh and dark and inhospitable spaces; a kind of celebration of the body in front of the abyss. It’s a beautiful reflection of David Lynch. I don’t know very well. The color is incorporated into every little nuance of reality … There are many tones for a lot of sensations. I see dreams more as a succession of flashes with their own colors.

Joseba Eskubi

Joseba Eskubi – Cabeza de nadie, 2014, Oil on paper, 33x24cm

The paintings with the eye at the center made me think of the following artists: Redon, Magritte, Sam Knowles and Emiliano Maggi. Where did the idea came from ?

All these artists seem very interesting, especially Odilon Redon, an artist that I´ve always admired. This motif of the eye has come in a rather casual manner. The eye watching us seems to provide the feeling that behind the painting there is an expectant person, observing everything that happens in the space of the painting. The rest of the body remains hidden, veiled behind the different layers of painting. It causes an ironic suspicion that a secret is enclosed inside the image.

What is your favourite literature ?

I have very dispersed readings. I usually read a lot of biographies, I feel attracted by the vital development and their narrative structure. Actually, I have recently finished a biography of Robespierre. I also usually read poetry, I especially love the poems of Sylvia Plath.


Milano Arte Expo

Joseba Eskubi – INSOMNIA series, 2012, Mixed media, 21 x 29 cm

How did you get to this very fluid and expressive painting ? Did you start from figurative ?

I have never had a tendency to figurative. Although some years ago I painted bodies, houses and landscapes more clearly. In these recent years I have worked with no recognizable elements in appearance but they can evoke some elements of our environment. I want to put a special emphasis on the gestural aspect of painting, creating an intuitive development of the forms. I am interested in this paradox that is created between the representation and the perception of the painting as a geography of sensations.


What are you going to work on in the next future ?

I am preparing an exhibition in Bremen at Artdocks Gallery. On the other hand the editorial Belleza Infinita is going to publish a collection of my collages too.


Joseba Eskubi

Joseba Eskubi – INSOMNIA series, 2012, 73×60 Mixed media

Joseba Eskubi

Joseba Eskubi – INSOMNIA series, 2012, 21×29 Mixed media

MAE Milano Arte Expo – – ringrazia Emma Coccioli per l’intervista all’artista Joseba Eskubi e per la selezione delle immagini delle opere.

Milano Arte Expo

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